Jun 16, 2008

Banana_Diet_Diary 16th


Today, It looks like rain in Japan.

Banana Diet Menu. ( weight loss program )

breakfast 09:00  : two Banana and water.

lunch    12:30 : Udon and water.

dinner   19:00 : Chinese noodles and water.

exercise      :yoga and abdominal muscles.

The 15th passes since banana fruit diet is started.
The Weight is 65.4 kg.
The body fat percentage is 35.0 %.

It is thin well !

What is Banana Fruit Diet ?



さて今日の Banana_Fruit_Diet Menu です。
・朝食 バナナと水
・昼食 蕎麦と水
・夕食 ラーメンと水

今日で Banana_Fruit_Diet を開始して15日が経過しました。
  体重 65.4 kg
  体脂肪 35 %



Jackie said...

Thanks for your visit.

50 years ago I remember my Mother going on the banana diet :)

Reina said...

Thank you for comment.

50 years ago !?
Wow ! I was surprised.

Was it effective ?

Steven and Aisha said...

Hi reina. I would be glad to add you to my blog. Hope you can add me to yours also.

Reina said...

Hi Steven and Aisha.

Thank you for visiting :)

I had added your site to my blogroll.

If you need any help, give me call, I will do it.
Keep in touch.

mikey said...

hello. i thin your blog is interesting. it's hard to understand everything you write but i still like it. good luck >'-'<
*oh- i saw the link to your blog on www.buddyslim.com
here's the link to mine: http://telltalemikey.buddyslim.com/

Reina said...

Hi mikey !

Thank you for visiting.
I'm so happy >'-'<
Please give support to my site.