Jun 10, 2008

Banana_Diet_Diary 10th

Hello !
How are you ?
I traveled to The Aso for 6 days.

Do you know The Aso ?

There is the best caldera in the world.

I continued Banana_Fruit_Diet ...

For 9 day... Weight has decreased by 2 kg !

I'm so happy (^-^.

breakfast 08:40  : two Banana and water.

lunch    12:00 : pasta and water.

dinner   19:00 : marine plants rice and fried potato.

exercise      :nothing.

The Weight is loss :) (66.2 kg)
The body fat percentage is 33.5 %.

I took the sauna for one hour.
I hear that the metabolism improves by bathing in water.
I want to keep my metabolism high, because I don't want to gain weight

Try it (^-^ and more diet !!!

What is Banana Fruit Diet?

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