Nov 16, 2008

enjoyed traveling !!! Roppongi Hills !

I went to the Tokyo and The Roppongi Hills with my friend.
Do you know The Roppongi Hills ?
The Roppongi Hills is very famous in Japan, and the symbol of the Japanese dream.

Today Lunch Menu.
Tuna and grouper tartar and soft caprino cheese whith asparagus salad,tarragon scented olive oil with taggiashe olive mouse.

Home made truffle scented Laganelle pasta and Marsala braised tenderloin of pork served with smoked ricotta cheese.

Roasted with sea bass with young carrots foundant and smoked aubergine sauce.

Grilled Beef tenderloin tagliata with grilled vegetable terrine and wild rocket pesto.

Selection of home-made desserts from ourrtrolley.

Nov 9, 2008

Hi! kon-ni-chi-wa :)

This article is introducing health success.

health success and happiness

for example
01.How you can find happiness
02.How you can be health
03.How disease originates