Nov 16, 2008

enjoyed traveling !!! Roppongi Hills !

I went to the Tokyo and The Roppongi Hills with my friend.
Do you know The Roppongi Hills ?
The Roppongi Hills is very famous in Japan, and the symbol of the Japanese dream.

Today Lunch Menu.
Tuna and grouper tartar and soft caprino cheese whith asparagus salad,tarragon scented olive oil with taggiashe olive mouse.

Home made truffle scented Laganelle pasta and Marsala braised tenderloin of pork served with smoked ricotta cheese.

Roasted with sea bass with young carrots foundant and smoked aubergine sauce.

Grilled Beef tenderloin tagliata with grilled vegetable terrine and wild rocket pesto.

Selection of home-made desserts from ourrtrolley.

Nov 9, 2008

Hi! kon-ni-chi-wa :)

This article is introducing health success.

health success and happiness

for example
01.How you can find happiness
02.How you can be health
03.How disease originates

Oct 18, 2008

The influence of the Banana_Diet

In Japan, the banana diet is very popular.
Sold-out about the banana which is put on the supermarket.
It is a social phenomenon. Wow ! :)

Jun 19, 2008

Banana_Diet_Diary 19th

Hi :)

I had a bowel movement this morning !
It is a favor of the banana.
Because Banana has a lot of dietary fiber.

Today Banana Diet Menu. ( weight loss program )
 breakfast 8:30 AM  : two Banana and water.

 lunch    2:00 PM  :sushi and water.

 dinner   7:00 PM : Beef stew,rice and water.

 exercise       :yoga and correcting pelvis.

The 19th passes...
My weight is loss. ( 144.4 lb : 6.7 lb loss from start)
Weight loses little by little.

So Nice :)

Jun 18, 2008

six elements of weight loss ( 1 )

for example

If the weight has increased by 1kg...
I lose weight running !

If I don't eat the carb, the weight lose...
But one month later...
The weight had increased by 5kg.

Were you such an experience ?

What is the cause to which weight increases and decreases ?

Intake of calorie too much ?

Six elements influence the change of the weight.
Though the muscle and fat are contained in these elements.
However, the change of every day is very large other elements.

The weight lose by doing a tight movement.
but it might be felt that you are painful.

There is no problem if what you increased and decreased is understood.

Dieting and health are sets.

It is likely to think your body to be feelings good for a healthy thing.

There are a lot of people who are misunderstanding dieting and training.
Training is endurance.
Endurance doesn't continue.
In a healthy method, the necessity is not in endurance.
One of the healthy methods is a banana dieting.

Next time, I introduce six elements of weight loss.

Jun 17, 2008

Banana_Diet_Diary 17th

Hello everyone :)
How are you ?

I stayed up until 5 AM :)
Beacuse I read a book...that is NAPOLEON HILL PROGRAMS.

very difficult...but It becomes reference of the life very much.

Today Banana Diet Menu. ( weight loss program )
 breakfast 10:30  : two Banana and water.

 lunch    14:00 : Udon and water.

 dinner   19:00 : Potato soup,rice,and water.

 exercise      :yoga and correcting pelvis.

What is Banana Fruit Diet ?

To make the metabolism more active, I will take something :)

I want to lose weight fast !

Jun 16, 2008

Banana_Diet_Diary 16th


Today, It looks like rain in Japan.

Banana Diet Menu. ( weight loss program )

breakfast 09:00  : two Banana and water.

lunch    12:30 : Udon and water.

dinner   19:00 : Chinese noodles and water.

exercise      :yoga and abdominal muscles.

The 15th passes since banana fruit diet is started.
The Weight is 65.4 kg.
The body fat percentage is 35.0 %.

It is thin well !

What is Banana Fruit Diet ?



さて今日の Banana_Fruit_Diet Menu です。
・朝食 バナナと水
・昼食 蕎麦と水
・夕食 ラーメンと水

今日で Banana_Fruit_Diet を開始して15日が経過しました。
  体重 65.4 kg
  体脂肪 35 %